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Next work day

Posted by Nellie Blue on June 21, 2020 

The next work day is scheduled for January 23, 2021.  Watch our Facebook page for additional information.

Updated Covid-19 Guidelines for Muskeeta Flats (Effective 6/27/2020)

Posted by Nellie Blue on June 21, 2020

1. Do not come to the match if you do not feel good!

2. Try to keep at least 6' apart from one another whenever possible - this includes during the safety meeting.

3. We will have small posses.  Small posses can shoot simultaneously at different stages.  6 would be a good number for a posse (2 to load, TO, and 3 spotters)

4. A maximum of 2 people at the loading table at a time, spaced as far apart from each other as you can get.  But if we do end up having larger posses (like for example if only 11 or fewer people come to shoot at the match), please don’t form a line waiting to get to the loading table.  Instead carry your long guns directly from your gun cart to an opening at the loading table when you see there is an opening.

5. The three spotters will be well spread out from each other (as they are supposed to be anyway) and not close to either the shooter or the TO.

6. One of the spotters will double as a brass picker but will not begin picking brass until after the pistols and rifle have been fired - watch the targets instead!

7. TO will wear a mouth and nose covering - either a period-correct outlaw bandanna covering mouth and nose or a regular face mask.  The shooter is encouraged to wear a face covering also, as well as anyone else who is comfortable doing so.

8. TO will function almost as normal but will try not to be right up against the shooter as sometimes is the case.  Keep an arm’s length away.

9. At the Drugstore Stage and the Cemetery Stage, where the shotgun target reset pulls are at the end of the unloading table, shotgun targets will be reset by the previous shooter before clearing his/her guns so as to not have two people in very close proximity of each other there.

10. Nobody will be stationed at the unloading table.  But the shooter, after unloading guns, will get the attention of the closest spotter to look at guns at a distance.  TO must be mindful of this slight delay before starting the next shooter.

11. There will be no posse picture taken (unless everyone is spread out 6’ apart).