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Annual Membership Reminder!

Don't forget!  Your annual membership fees are due January 1, 2018!  The new membership fee is $50 per person.  (Shooters under 18 shoot free.)  

Annual Meeting & Election 2017 Minutes

Posted by Nellie Blue on June 17, 2017 at 10:25 AM

Howdy Folks,

Nineteen Up the Club Gang Members attended today's Annual Meeting which was held following this morning's shoot. Here are the minutes of the meeting:

1. Elections were held and the following members were elected:
President - Possum Skinner
Vice President - Rambling Grey
Treasurer - Flash
Secretary - Hellbender
Board Members:
  Choctaw Slim
  Navasota Kid
  Nellie Blue
  Stonewall Willie

2. The idea of not having Bayou Blast in 2018 was brought up and discussed. The  majority of those voting voted not to have Bayou Blast in 2018 so there will be no Bayou Blast in 2018.

3. The idea of our club having the State Black Powder Championship and the State Wild Bunch Championship together the same weekend, along with a long range match, was discussed.   This concept most likely will be voted on during a special meeting to be held later this year (see item # 4 below). If so, advance notice will go out.

4. Two issues were discussed that would require changes to the By-Laws if enacted.  One dealt with dues increase and the other with preventing persons from joining just to use our range with no intention of participating in club activities.  The Board will meet to discuss these two issues and should By-Law changes be proposed as a result of their meeting, a special meeting of the membership will be called to vote on the Board's  proposed By-Law changes [such notice will go out by email no more than 60 days and no more than 10 days prior to the special meeting, as stipulated in the By-Laws]. 

5. Staybolt Bill volunteered to fix the leaking sink in the women's restroom.


Up the Creek Gang Winners at Hangin' at Coyote Creek 2016

Annual Meeting & Election 2016 Minutes

Posted by Nellie Blue on June 13, 2016 at 12:30 AM

The following are the results of the annual election. All positions had a unanimous vote:

Five (5) Board Members:

Board Members have voting rights to determine the direction of the club and decide how the club's funds are spent.

Grayboy Slim
Nellie Blue
Choctaw Slim
Stonewall Willie


Officers carry out the day-to-day responsibilities of the club.

President: Possum Skinner
Vice President: James Moore
Treasurer: Flash
Secretary: Hellbender


Navasota Kid requested that a new Territorial Governor be selected so the club voted to have Flash take over this position.  Thank you to Navasota for all the years he has represented the club!

We will be holding Bayou Blast in 2017 and the date will be March 10-12, 2017.

James Moore will be holding a range work day, Wednesday, June 15, 2016 for anyone who can help.  They will be cleaning out the south storage building and basic range clean up.  They will start at 8 am and plan to be done by noon.

The outgoing board approved a 20'x36' shed to be built south of the current  shed.  This will save the club by not having to rent a tent each year.

We have honey bees in the shed wall again.  If anyone knows of someone that would be willing to remove them, please let us know.